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When you notice water leaking into your home, moisture on the walls, or find shingles on the ground around your property, you need roofers in West Palm Beach that can deliver results. Rhyne Restoration has 15 years of experience in Florida roofing, and our professional roofers provide the fast and friendly service you need when the roof starts to leak!

West Palm Beach Roofing

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Roof Repairs

If you've noticed any of the issues mentioned above around your home, it might be time to call Rhyne Restoration and set an appointment for an assessment. Our West Palm Beach roofing service offers roof repair that includes a same-day assessment to determine the exact damage to your roof, the extent of the damage, and get you a no-obligation estimate for the repairs. When it comes to your roof, there's no time to waste!

Roof Replacements

The average roof on a Florida home lasts for 20 years, depending upon the exact type of material used in your Palm Beach or Wellington roofing. Rhyne Restoration works with a variety of different roofing materials to help you get a new roof over your head. You'll get the same-day assessment and no-obligation estimate for a new roof you'd get from our repair service, and we strive to complete every job in 24 to 48 hours so you can get back to enjoying your home sooner.

West Palm Beaching Roofing Materials

Homeowners throughout Central Florida have a lot of options when it comes to roofing on their homes. Whether you need emergency repair or replacement from a recent storm or just want to upgrade your Altamonte Springs roofing, we offer the following types of roofing:

  • Shingle: With a shingle roof, you get the style and look you want on your Central Florida home with the ability to resist damage during storms and hurricane season. Shingles come in materials ranging from wood, slate, and flagstone to cement and tar.
  • Tile: A tile roof offers the best durability and longevity in roofing materials, and though the price is typically higher, the price of tile roofs have been rising at a slower rate than other materials.
  • Metal: Metal roofing is extremely durable like tile roofing, and just as versatile in style as shingles. A new metal roof can be made to resemble clay and ceramic tiles, wooden roofs, and even slate shingles.
  • Flat: Common among commercial and industrial applications, a lot of homeowners are even choosing flat West Palm Beach roofing. Simple and affordable, flat roofs also deliver varying styles.
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Storm Repairs

Central Florida is no stranger to inclement weather. Everything from hail and severe thunderstorms to tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes can roll through and deliver a beating to your home. Rhyne Restoration's West Palm Beach roofing can help you recover faster after the storms by providing repair and replacement service.

In fact, if you schedule an assessment with our roofers in West Palm Beach before hurricane season hits, we'll look for weak spots that aren't an issue now, but could lead to major damage in the future.

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With fast and friendly service, same-day appointments, and no-obligation quotes, it's no surprise Rhyne Restoration is the West Palm Beach roofing leader. Give us a call today and schedule your assessment with our professional roofers.

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