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Did you know that the average residential roof in Florida can last 10 years or more depending upon conditions and materials? If your roof is aging or has sustained significant damage as a result of an accident or natural disaster, you can get Plant City roofing relief from Rhyne Restoration. Our Plant City roofers are professional and fast, so we'll get you setup with a new roof in no time!

The average homeowner probably doesn't spend a lot of time looking up at their roof. You notice when the driveway is cracked or the paint on your siding is chipping, but keeping a close eye on your roof is difficult because of proximity. You'll have to bust out a ladder or use binoculars to assess the condition of your roof. However, there are some signs you can look for around your home to help you catch small roofing issues now before they get worse. Watch for:

  • Presence of mold in your home or detached buildings
  • Unsightly stains on the interior and exterior walls
  • Missing shingles or visible dents, cracks, and/or holes in your roofing

If you find anything suspicious or notice these signs, give us a call at Rhyne Restoration. We can send our Plant City roofers out to your home or office to assess the condition of your roof.

Licensed & Insured

Rhyne Restoration is licensed and fully insured so you can get your roof done with confidence.

Fast & Free Inspections

FREE on-site Inspections done on your schedule by trusted roofing professionals also available on weekends.

Highest Quality

Nobody installs a better roof than Rhyne Restoration. We work with the highest quality materials so your roof lasts.

Work Guaranteed

All of our roof repairs & replacements are backed by our Rhyne Restoration Guarantee.

Financing Available

If you need to finance your insurance deducible we have many flexible options available.

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Over 92% of our customers give us a maximum rating. We work hard to make sure customers are happy.

Professional Repair & Replacement

At Rhyne Restoration we specialize in providing our customers with speedy, reliable, and professional service. When you call Rhyne Restoration we'll send our Plant City roofers out to your home or office to provide you with an onsite assessment of the condition of your roof. We'll look for any signs of wear, tear, and deterioration that you've noticed. We'll also look for weak spots in the roofing materials and structure to ensure a bigger problem isn't waiting for you down the road when the next storm strikes or a tree falls the wrong way.

Plant City Roofing Materials

Our professional roofers at Rhyne Restoration are familiar with all of the popular roofing materials preferred by homeowners and business owners in Florida. We know the ins and outs of each different material, so we can help you select the material that is best for your home's style, design, and most importantly, your budget. Call Rhyne Restoration, and you can get access to the following materials:

  • Shingle: Commonly used for years, shingles are available in various colors, styles, and finished materials, all at an affordable price.
  • Tile: Durable and long lasting, tile is gaining popularity because of its reliability and costs that are rising slower than other materials.
  • Metal: The viability of metal roofing has grown in recent years. Always known as a long-lasting and durable option, metal roofing comes in various styles that can mimic tiles, shingles, and countless other materials.
  • Flat: Flat roofing is preferred in many commercial and industrial settings, and examples include modified bitumen and rubber membranes.

When you need Plant City roofing service, you can trust Rhyne Restoration to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We proudly work with communities throughout Hillsborough County, providing Plant City roof repair to homeowners and businesses throughout the area. Call us today a same-day assessment and free estimate!