Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is not only durable, it's extremely versatile, making it one of the most common choices for new roofs in Central Florida and around the country. Rhyne Restoration has the experience and expertise necessary to make your metal roof stand the test of time.

Metal Roof Replacement

Most people choose a metal roof for their home because of all the available aesthetic options. Metal roofs tiles can be made to resemble clay and ceramic tiles, wooden roofs and even asphalt and slate shingle roofing.

When you choose Rhyne Restoration for your metal roofing project, we'll give you options to choose from in color, style and the overall appearance of your metal roof. When you've decided on a new roof, we'll complete your metal roof replacement using the fast and friendly, high-quality service that has garnered us multiple Home Advisor Awards and thousands of satisfied customers. If you're interested to join this list, simply fill out our quote form and we'll schedule an assessment.

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Metal Roofing

Why Metal Roofing?

If you choose metal roofing for your new roof, you'll be saving money on a roof that can last virtually a lifetime, when installed correctly. Depending on the color and style of your metal roof, it can also help save money on heating and cooling by providing excellent insulation. Metal roofs are also much more friendly to the environment than less durable options, because not only do they last a very long time, the metal can be recycled at the end of your current roof's life.

This durability is important for customers hoping to get the most out of their roof for years, even in Central Florida where hurricane roof damage is a major issue. Rhyne Restoration has the experience in metal roofing provided by 15 years of service and over 20 million dollars in completed jobs to ensure that your roof is built to last.

Why Choose Us for Metal Roof Repair?

Rhyne Restoration is a fixture of the community in Central Florida, evidenced by our position as the first choice for thousands of customers in the area. Here are a few reasons why our customers love our service:

  • We can do same-day assessments and quick scheduling for your metal roof repairs.
  • We get most jobs done in 24-48 hours, making a new roof as easy as possible on your schedule (and your budget).

Of course, none of this matters if the craftsmanship is lacking. That's why Rhyne Restoration guarantees the highest quality in all of our roofing services, and we even offer seasonal maintenance to keep your metal, tile, wood or shingle roof in the best possible condition all year round.

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