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Roof Repairs in Longwood

The roof over your head isn't something you should trust to just any roofing company. Rhyne Restoration has 15 years of experience helping the residents of Central Florida enjoy safe, dry homes. With nearly $100 million in successful roof repairs and replacements completed, you can trust Rhyne Restoration to get your Longwood roofing job done right!

One of Rhyne Restoration's specialties is performing roof repairs which help extend the life of your existing roof. Normal wear and tear as a result of the natural elements in Central Florida can result in roofing shingles that curl, tiles that go missing, or punctures suffered from flying debris.

Our Longwood roofers can easily and quickly assess the condition of your roof, including the structural integrity, to determine the level of repairs your roof requires. Our award-winning service is available to you with high-quality craftsmanship, so you can enjoy peace of mind that the roof over your head is a stable one.

Licensed & Insured

Rhyne Restoration is licensed and fully insured so you can get your roof done with confidence.

Fast & Free Inspections

FREE on-site Inspections done on your schedule by trusted roofing professionals also available on weekends.

Highest Quality

Nobody installs a better roof than Rhyne Restoration. We work with the highest quality materials so your roof lasts.

Work Guaranteed

All of our roof repairs & replacements are backed by our Rhyne Restoration Guarantee.

Financing Available

If you need to finance your insurance deducible we have many flexible options available.

Top Rated

Over 92% of our customers give us a maximum rating. We work hard to make sure customers are happy.

Longwood Roof Replacements

When you need a new roof in Longwood, Rhyne Restoration offers top-rated replacement so you can reset the clock on your roof. In some cases, roof repairs are not enough to ensure a safe and stable roof over your head. Whenever possible, our Longwood roofers perform repairs to help you avoid the investment of a new roof in Longwood.

However, there are times when older roofs simply cannot stand up to the elements anymore. Rhyne Restorations roofers bring 15 years of experience in Central Florida roofing to the table, and can help you determine the style of roof that best fits your home, and your budget.

Common Roofing Materials for Central Florida

Whether you need a new roof, or repairs to your existing roof, on a residential or commercial building in Central Florida, Rhyne Restoration uses various materials in Longwood roofing projects. The following are some of the commonly used roofing materials at Rhyne Restoration:

  • Shingle: Available in a variety of different colors, materials, and styles, shingle roofing is not quite as durable as other materials, but is visibly attractive and flexible. Shingles are available in wood, slate, flagstone, cement, and tar, among others.
  • Tile: Many customers avoid tile because it is more expensive than other options, but not only is the cost of tile rising slower than other materials, it is the longest lasting and most durable roofing material.
  • Metal: One of the most durable and versatile options, metal roofs are common in Central Florida because they are available in many different aesthetic options. For example, metal roofs are available in finishes resembling clay and ceramic tile.
  • Flat: Flat roofs can be modified to meet any need, and are available in built-up gravel, modified bitumen, and rubber membrane, as just a few examples. Flat roofs have fluctuating installation costs based upon the level of work required.

If you just need less extensive Winter Park or Maitland roofing services such as spot repairs and reinforcements where damage has occurred over time, Rhyne Restoration also carries out repair jobs of all sizes, and even offers a seasonal maintenance plan. If you request an assessment, we'll be in contact before damage is even allowed to set in, and you'll be able to put your mind at ease all year round.

Your Source for Emergency Repairs

Spring and summer thunderstorms have a tendency to unleash hail on Central Florida, which can have damaging effects on your roof. Additionally, there is the constant threat of hurricane season each year. When your home requires emergency repairs, Rhyne Restoration offers same-day assessment of the damage and a no-obligation estimate. We also complete most jobs in 24 to 48 hours so you can get back in your home after the storms.