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Great Rates on Flat Roofing

Flat roofing seems like a simple solution for the owners of homes and businesses needing roof replacement or repair, but can actually get more variable than most people think. The upside is that a flat roof design can be modified to meet your needs, your tastes and your budget.

Rhyne Restoration can explain to a property owners, commercial or residential, all the options that they may not know about in regards to flat roofs in today's age. Multiple varieties of flat roof style and material with varying degrees of labor-intensity mean that you have a choice from the most common types of flat roofs:

  • Built-Up Gravel: Layers of tar and gravel make this option one of the most labor-intensive and costly, but also one of the most durable, fire-proof and weather-proof types of flat roof.
  • Modified Bitumen: Single ply sheets of plastic material on your roof create an effective barrier without the labor and cost of more protective roofing materials.
  • Rubber Membrane: Slightly more labor is involved with this method in most cases, but is easy to repair, and not susceptible to damage from the sun.

Whichever flat roof material you choose for your new roof, Rhyne Restoration has the expertise to install it, backed by multiple Home Advisor awards for quality craftsmanship and service. Fill out our quote form for a quick and easy estimate.

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Flat Roof Replacement

The experts at Rhyne Restoration have been installing and repairing roofs, including many flat roofs for over 15 years, resulting in nearly 100 million dollars in completed projects. If you have a worn out flat roof at your home or business, the team at Rhyne Restoration can walk you step by step through the process of choosing a new flat roof style and material, so that your needs and budget are met.

Rhyne Restoration offers same day assessments and completes service in 24-48 on average, so you'll get fast and friendly service every time you need it.

Top Flat Roof Repair

You don't always think of weatherproofing your roof for the season, but when the time of year for hurricanes rolls around, you might find yourself regretting it. Flat roofs, depending on the material used, can wear out and get damaged fairly easily, so it's smart to have your flat roofing assessed for leaks and spots that need to be patched before the rains start to fall more frequently.

Luckily, flat roof repair is pretty easy, and when you trust your flat roof replacement or repair job to a company like Rhyne Restoration, you'll never have to worry about storm roof damage again.

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