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Your roof keeps your home protected and your loved ones safe. The moment you notice that it has experienced any kind of damage, turn to Rhyne Restoration Roofing. Your safety, health, and comfort are our top priorities, which is why you can count on us for thorough inspections and careful, reliable repairs. Our customer-focused approach towards roof repair in Orlando gives you an excellent idea of what kind of costs need to be covered, and how long will it take for the repair or restoration to complete.

Through our solid relationship with numerous national building suppliers and manufacturers, we are able to work with the highest-quality materials during all of our roof repair projects. At the same time, these relationships enable us to provide premium-quality work that fits your budget.

To schedule roof repairs in Orlando, call (888) 973-0087. We look forward to serving you!

When Should You Consider Roof Repair?

There are several reasons for homeowners to consider hiring a roofing contractor for roof repairs. Perhaps your house has a minor leak that you’ve been ignoring, or a severe storm passed through and damaged some of your roof shingles. Though you may have ignored these problems in the past, you should act on them now to avoid more permanent and detrimental issues down the road. Repairing your roof right away can not only prolong the life of your roof, but it can also help it remain aesthetically pleasing and enhance the overall value of your home.

The roof is the most important element of your home. It protects your house, your family, and all of your belongings inside the home, including furniture and appliances. It is essential that you keep up with the condition of your roof through proper roof repairs.

We help with a number of roofing problems, including:

  • Wind damage
  • Hail and storm damage
  • Damaged shingles
  • Roof leaks
  • Problems with your roof flashing
  • Damaged gutters and downspouts
  • Improper roof ventilation
  • Detrimental impacts from trees, bushes, and other outside elements

Frequently Asked Roof Repair Questions

  • How Much Does Roof Repair Cost? When it's time for your roof to be replaced, if you don't act now, the odds are against you. Even if you get lucky, taking proactive measures to maintain and repair your roof early gives you an excellent chance to make your own luck. It's all about being smart with your wager. The small problems should be kept as small as possible and larger problems should be handled effectively. Our goal at Rhyne Restoration Roofing is to provide you with the best roof repair in Orlando at the best price.
  • How Do You Repair Shingle Roofs? Repair a torn or cracked shingle instead of replacing it. We begin by applying a thick bead of roofing sealant under the crack. Then, using a putty knife, spread a second bead of sealant over the crack.
  • How Do You Repair Flat Roofs? The likelihood is that you will experience leaks at some point if your roof is flat. You need to decide how you will replace your roof when the time comes, or when your roof is simply old and worn out. In order to determine which roofing solution is best for your needs, you must first understand your problem and how severe it is. Then you should investigate the alternatives and determine which would be best for you.
  • How Do You Repair Tile Roofs? Small cracks and holes can be filled with plastic roofing cement. A wire brush is used to scrub away any dirt or debris from the surface. Then the area is filled with plastic roofing cement. If the damaged tile is broken in multiple pieces or heavily cracked, you’ll need to replace it altogether. A small amount of roofing cement is spread along the underside of the replacement tile before sliding it into place. Adhesive rather than nails is used to hold this new tile securely in place.
  • How to Repair a Roof Leak? Roofing cement is used to reseal joints caused by metal flashing around chimneys and dormers. We'll apply a fresh coat of roof cement with a putty knife if joints are damaged after previously sealing with a line of roof cement.
  • Should I Get a Roof Repair After Hail Damage? Although hail storm damage can range from minor to severe, all hail damage should be taken seriously and addressed as soon as possible, ideally by an experienced professional. Know the signs of hailstone damage so you can minimize its impact and ensure the health of your roof for years to come.

Why Choose Rhyne Restoration Roofing?

Whether your roof has experienced minor or severe damage, our experts have the tools, training, and technology to implement fast, effective repairs. We strive to make each residential roofing service as easy as possible for you, which is why we begin each appointment with a thorough roof inspection at no cost to you. This allows us to identify exactly what is wrong with your roof and develop an accurate, detailed estimate.

Our team of highly qualified roof repair experts specialize in taking care of all levels of repairs on any roofing. Whether you have high pitched roofing in the form of shingles or tiles, or if you have flat roofing in EPDM or metal materials, we can deploy targeted roof repair services to make sure your roof remains safe from any harm. Our focus, efficiency, and reliability ensure unparalleled customer service and lasting results.

Through digital imagery, detailed descriptions, and thorough plans, we also make sure to keep you in the loop even before we start with the repair project. For us, the job begins right when you call us for roof repair free estimate services. We make sure to keep you informed on everything that we do to maintain the utmost transparency and credibility throughout our services.

Whether you're in Orlando, Alafaya, Pine Hills, or anywhere else throughout Orange County, the Rhyne Restoration Roofing team has your roof repairs covered. Give us a call today!

To schedule your free roof inspection, contact our team online or by calling (888) 973-0087.

Trust Rhyne Restoration Roofing

Rhyne Restoration Roofing was established in 2004, and our ultimate goal has been to help local families feel safe under their roofs. We make sure to deliver on this promise through our professional and affordable roof repair services in Orlando. Whether you have a relatively new roof that’s only a few years old or if you manage an older estate that has seen more than a decade or two, we're there to help. Remember that your roofing is always in need of some care to sustain the ongoing exposure to weather and related elements. We solve a wide range of roofing issues, from leak repairs to emergency roof repairs to damaged shingles to signs of wood rot and aging.

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  • Fast and Professional Techs

    “I recommend this company to anyone who needs a roof done professionally on the outside with the physical work, and on the inside with the proper paperwork, and professionalism.”

    - Mac T.
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    “Lawrence and Anna were very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to ensure our project went smoothly.”

    - Nancy R.
  • Our new roof looks great and the work was done timely and neatly.

    “Our new roof looks great and the work was done timely and neatly. I'd recommend this company to anyone needing a new roof.”

    - Anna G.
  • They Were Excellent in All Steps in the Process

    “Very easy to work with and they went above and beyond to ensure communication was always open and current.”

    - Shawna B.
  • Reliable and Professional

    “They sent me updates on every step and walked me through the whole process.”

    - Bella C.