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How Your Roof Can Make or Break a Home Sale

A Common Sticking Point

Your roof is one of the most important infrastructure points for your home. It shields you from the elements, helps regulate temperature, and keeps you safe.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that for homebuyers, roofing is one of the most common questions when inquiring about a home. Here’s how your roof might play into a home sale.

Cost of Repair

The biggest reason home buyers look for homes with newer or recently repaired roofs is the cost of the project. Replacing a roof is a major financial investment and even though important, may not be in either party’s capabilities during the sale. The seller may not have the funds to make repairs or a replacement, and the buyer may not want to walk into a new home having a major renovation right at the start.

Attractiveness to Buyers

We don’t mean aesthetically speaking, even though a new roof will look great to potential buyers. A newer roof will be attractive to buyers and reduce the chances of the roof being a sticking point in the deal. Your home may sell faster and you won’t have to worry about lowering the price to compensate for a damaged roof.

If you’re in a market where houses are going quickly, you are more likely to get away with skipping a preemptive roof repair. When buyers are more interested, they are less likely to ask for concessions from the seller.

It also depends on the roof’s condition and the condition of the rest of the home. If a home needs a lot of work, sellers may look for more concessions.

Roof Repair for Orlando Homes

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