A home with a collapsed shingle roof under clouds and tall trees

What is a Roofing Emergency?

What is a Roofing Emergency?

A roofing emergency is when your roof has experienced major exterior damage (such as a fallen tree or power line), a persistent leak within your home, or major structural damage (such as roof sinks or missing shingles). When it comes to your roof, special attention is needed to ensure it remains safe and functional. While many repairs can be performed as needed, sometimes the issue is urgent and requires an emergency fix.

But how can you tell that your roofing problem is an emergency? Figuring it out can be the key to the safety of your home and family.

Major Exterior Damage

If your roof has experienced storm damage recently, you should have it looked at by a professional as soon as possible. Oftentimes roof damage can be more than meets the eye, as a roof has many layers that work together to create a cohesive unit.

Damage from the exterior could be a fallen tree, dismembered branches, downed power lines, or debris. All of these items need to be removed and great care should be taken when repairing your roof to its natural state.

Persistent Leak

A leak could also be a sign of exterior damage, but it may also come from wear on your roof over time. Leaks can come from many sources, so it’s important to have a roof inspection ASAP to rule out a roof problem.

If you have a leak coming from your ceiling, make sure to have it addressed by a roofing professional.

Structural Damage

If your roof has been neglected or not properly treated for a while, it may be losing some of its structural integrity. You may notice missing shingles, sinking from the inside, or falling gutters. Any of these issues need to be addressed immediately as they can impact the safety of your home.

Finding and Solving Roof Damage in Orlando

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